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THE ART OF LISTENING 👂There’s one VERY IMPORTANT thing you want when you communicate. It is _________?

Yes, we all listen (most of the time) to anyone or anything.But understanding is part of it.Do you really understand what you Hear? Are you able to be comprehensive ?

Then something happens… wait… she was listening , she said she understood what you said, but you feel like… it didn’t happen for real!!

Why is this? I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

You want someone to listen to you.That’s actually only partially true.

You can recall right now over the span of your life, hundreds of people that have listened to you. Your wife. Your husband. Your parents. Past boyfriends. Past girlfriends. Grade school teachers. Your aunt or uncle. Your bosses. Your friends. A counselor.Even, your dog.😊

But in all of those there may only be a handful, possibly even one or two, that actually listened and understood you.

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