THE ART OF LISTENING 👂There’s one VERY IMPORTANT thing you want when you communicate. It is _________?

Yes, we all listen (most of the time) to anyone or anything.But understanding is part of it.Do you really understand what you Hear? Are you able to be comprehensive ?

Then something happens… wait… she was listening , she said she understood what you said, but you feel like… it didn’t happen for real!!

Why is this? I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

You want someone to listen to you.That’s actually only partially true.

You can recall right now over the span of your life, hundreds of people that have listened to you. Your wife. Your husband. Your parents. Past boyfriends. Past girlfriends. Grade school teachers. Your aunt or uncle. Your bosses. Your friends. A counselor.Even, your dog.😊

But in all of those there may only be a handful, possibly even one or two, that actually listened and understood you.

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Do you desire to Be What God Made Us to Be?. Do you desire to believe in the Power of Jesus Christ?.Do you desire to believe?. It is not enough

“Blessed be all who believe without seeing” “Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead”

It doesn’t matter how grand your vision is if it doesn’t flow with the culture of your community.All It Takes Is Sacrifice, Commitment, and a Desire to Be What God Made Us to Be.

I knew it would be a lot of hard work, but there was a fire in my belly and excitement in my bones! I was going to turn this vision upside down for Christ!,GOD. My vision was clear and my mission was established.Found a League of Heart-workers globally.

I noticed that the majority of Foundations in our area had stayed the same over the decades. Nothing had changed within the four walls. I determined that we would be different! We were going to established our own basis and principles. Absolutely! I was not going to get caught in the same old rut and nobody was going to convince me.

Well, through some difficult conversations, and many dark nights of the soul, I learned that I had to adjust my strategy to see my grand vision come alive. Nothing seemed to be working, so it was time for a different approach. What I realized was: CULTURE TRUMPS VISION.

We (my beautiful collegues and friends co-workers) all desired the same thing:help other’s, love others , educate, collaborate, inspire, motivate to take action on our environmental crisis, literate green, Be global, start from groups into communities,etc.. But getting there without things blowing up was the issue. I had to flow with the culture, not buck against it, in order for my vision to flourish. Continue reading

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